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28th Mar.(Fri) Daikoku Parking Area(MEx)

We had regular activity during spring vacation on friday. That day we went to Daikoku-Parking where there are many remodeled cars, I should call them hod-rods.
What's this?
BNR33 GT-R downed? No!
It's a "Low Rider" GT-R.
I wanted ask the owner how to use 280hp with this low ridered GT-R.

24th Mar.(Mon) Graduation Ceremony and SSS touring to Kobe

SSS have graduation memorial touring every year. We go somewhere (maybe that is far away) after graduation ceremony and come back soon."come back" is important. I mean trip during one day and one night.
Shortly say, wake up, don't sleep... drive drive drive.
First rest at Kouzu parking.
Everybody but one met there. We discussed who got on who's car and what route we should go on. Last year we had not discuss anything, but decided goal Teradomari Niigata pref. where is famous for fish market.
This miata was just re-painted the day before that day. Originaly Crystal White painted but this miata needed sheet metal work. So owner decided all paint. It looks like black painted at first sight,exactly it painted blue-black.
First all repainted car among SSS people's cars.
We reached the destination Kobe Rokko-Island.
One member came via Niigata who drived AE86. From the front AE86 Levin, BG6S Familia, Integra Type R, AE101 Trueno, and NA6CE Miata we call Eunos-Roadster.
So exhausted. After then, we drove up the Rokko mountain. I could not take a picture because I was also exhausted.
When people exhausted, they go SPA!
We went Arima Onsen spa. After enjoyed spa we must go back, it was important for us to take a nap. zzzz...zz..

14th Feb.(fri) St.Valentines Day "Darumi" Between Tokyo and Kanagawa Pref.

SSS people preparing to start after finished dinner. It was sleepy day for me because of all-night work. Though it was St.Valentines day, in Japan Special day of lovers, I wanted to drive...I was afraid of accident because of sleepless, just took a ride in friend's car. And from beginning to end I slept.
It was so cold.
We drove the Darumi Pass, and ware shaking with cold. There was construction work and taxis, so slow drive. After took these pictures I returned to sleep. Thanks Itaru to take me back.
Anyone who is his fan? Contact me! I will give this picture who is first comer.

8th Feb.(fri) "Hakone"

Hakone was frozen. We drove up Hakone Pass called "Road's Station",but road and weather condition was so bad that we hesitate to go ahead. Another reason ,Someone has short of Gas.
Calling group that departed later with a cellular phone. He said one of our member, called "Gatya", came with his girl friend(?).
Beautiful Noodle in the cold day. Every time we get to the Ashino-ko lake, there is noodle stall. If you go there in the mid-night, you will see it.
Members who had work the next day went back. Later group came and took picture in front of Kowakien very famous spa resort. They said they saw many police cars,exercising strict control illegal drivers. Hakone is one of the mecca where drift driving drivers come.
"Gatya" I mentioned came.
Hey! Where is the Girl?
She came out. She was wearing overall because she came after part time job. I heard she is a highschool student.
We made forged picture "fickle Honda" who is SSS's president now.

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