ITS/CEV Hypermini substantiative experiment for ITS / EV sharing


Nissan Hypermini EV test ride

Experiment for ITS / EV sharing in Yokohama


We went to a test drive of Nissan HyperMini that is operated in the substantiative experiment in Yokohama. This test drive became realization at the hand of Mr. Muraki he is a member of P-start project.
This experiment for a city use of electric vehicles began in January 2000 at Yokohama "Minato Mirai 21" area that is supported by JSK (Association of electronics technology for Automobile traffic and driving).
Then firstly expranation of the experiment system.
Right display shows status of vehicles. Left display shows the reservation status.
This experiment brings ITS era into view, so HyperMini loads full of electronic insturment, for example computers, navigating systems, cellular phones and etc.
In the control center, the location of every vehicle could be seen on the map in the screen. Actually except emargency, location will not be mapped on the screen because of privacy.
Reservation will be done on the net. At that time we had test drive, the drop off rent was not run because re-allocation of the EVs is difficult in this scale, number of vehicles. So every EV comes back where it departed.
This picture shows the server run this system. These two computer has ability to control thousands of EVs. Wherever these servers are, EV sharing system will work. So control center can be locate anywhere even in foreign country.
In this period, the trial subjects are companies those have business place in "Minato Mirai 21" area. They can rent Hypermini for free once became a member of this experiment. That becomes reason, little reservation on week end.
So if you want to try this experiment, you should rush to book in the Inter-Continental Hotel Yokohama. You can join this test and you can go sight seeing of harbor town Yokohama on HyperMini EV. You can afford to , you will have good time.
User have remote key. He/she push the key in the parking where EVs are, EV to rent answer with flashing its blinker and unlock the door.
For detail control center recieves remote key's signal and commands EV to flash its lights to aquaint users.
Interior of Hypermini.
What you have to do is turn the key in the dashboard. After turning the key you should drive in an ordinary way like drive an automatic transmission car. Hypermini creeps if you don't step on the breaks like AT with fluid coupling without any shock of gear shift. Hypermini has one electric motor and only has a diff. gear.
Don't forget to unconnect the charger before drive.
After drive, remember to connect charger.
Outer view of charger.
This charger is inductive type that has no contact. That makes users feel more comfort than contactive charger. I can agree metal plug brings users into fear, but I think there is small difference between two charging types.
I can say No switch, no electricity.
Ok, let's see her up-skirt.
Electric motor is inductive magnet motor that uses Neojium magnet. Though no cooling fin can be seen, not liquid cooling but air cooling. To compare with Luciole's motor, maximum output is 24kw while Luciole has "two" 36kW motor. 130Nm torque while Luciole has 77Nm x 2. So, Hypermini isn't "Electric Rocket". Acceleration is gentle and sufficiency.
Hypermini's suspension is beautiful macferson strut on front and rear. It has special tire "Ecopia" made by Bridgestone 145-65R14 in front and 165-60R14 in rear. Front suspension has thick(strong) stabilizer bar not to make the vehicle OverSteer behavior under the condition that wheel base is very short.
Steering feeling is not bad. Only thing I think improvement is needed is that reactive force in neutral steering area is too small. Performance is good as a small vehicle. Reason must be same as the Luciole case , Low center of gravity.
Motor and Diff. gear is mounted on steel pipe subframe. Rubber mounts connect subframe and body.
This body structure reminds me MCC Smart's structure. MCC Smart and Hypermini has similar structure in the respect that they have steel pipe subframe. It is the one of the answer for rear drived small vehicle.
Test ride.
Hypermini has space frame made of alminum extrusion. Honda Insight hybrid has also alminum frame. Alminum is the trend to lighten the vehicle.
Navigation system shows amount of energy how user use and amount of CO2 how user could reduce.
And information service called COMPASS-LINK that Nissan runs is packed in this navigation system.
It is interesting that jack up point locates center of wheels. That means center of gravity locates this point.
Batteries Li-Ion batteries are mounted under the floor between wheels.


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