Shikoku EV Rally Festival


EV Rally Festival in Shikoku

Circuit run in Asan circuit


First EV rally in Japan that uses public road.
We, Fujisawa Tofu Shop team, decided to entry the rally, but it became impossible to entry this because it was difficult to we get licence number to drive EV86 on the public road. So we had to change our plan to only entry circuit run.
This picture before get on the ferry between Kobe and Takamatsu Kagawa Pref.
We found such a big truck in Kobe port. You can see how big it is as you compare with people size. It is difficult to drive all the way to Shikoku island, so it is usual to carry with ferry midnight.
EV86 & carrier in the ferry
The ferry leaved Kobe port at 2 o'clock to Takamatsu Kagawa prefecture. As you can see, EV86 has "Fujisawa Tofu shop" sign, young people reading "Youg magazine comic" had laughed at this EV86. In the sea port, young guy at information desk said it is funny.
Scenery from Asan circuit.
Landed Takamatsu port, we changed front strut to adjustable one. Then hurried to Asan circuit.
The paddock
It was "Super" small paddock, but it is not FIA but JAF official circuit. MIT's solar car was not there. It was good decision. It was too hard to climb up to this circuit even with carrier truck.
Exivision class run
EV86 run with "Small" Super 7 and EV Vespa car.
EV86 running .... no good.
Circuit contacter had trouble. At first we changed 12V battery because we doubt controller had low voltage. But it was not working.
We couldn't do trouble shooting.

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